1st International Transport Conference - 15th Special Conference of HELORS (Submission of abstract (new): September 4, 2015)

Ημ. Δημοσίευσης: 15-07-2015


1st International Transport Conference - 15th Special Conference of the Hellenic Operational Research Society, which will be held in Alexandroupolis, Greece from 15 to 16 October, 2015

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 15th Special Conference of the Hellenic Operational Research Society and the1st International Transport Conference, which will be held in Alexandroupolis, Greece from 15 to 16 October, 2015. The Conference focuses to “Intermodal Transports: Innovations in Planning, Management, Business Development & Decision Making”.

More information for the conference can be found at the webpage: http://1st-international-conference-econ-duth.eeee.org.gr/

The main objectives of this conference addresses the innovation in strategic planning, business development and economic contribution specifically related to intermodal transport. The focus in on the main economical advantages of developing intermodal transport, but also on the usage limits brought by particularities of transport modes. Special attention is given to decision making for investments and project financing in infrastructures promote intermodal options. The discussion agenda includes analysis of the implications on the quality and cost of supply chain. 

Consequently, the key topics of the conference are covering the following areas: 

- Operation research tools in planning and management 

- Alliances, brokering/leasing services

- Competition, cooperation, planning, groups/associations

- Development/evolution, hubbing systems

- [De]regulation, standards, safety, security

- Environmental impact, liability/insurance

- Government involvement and public consultation

- Project planning and project financing

- Infrastructure, network design/optimisation

- Intelligent transportation systems

- Intermodal cost/benefit analysis

- Motor carrier industry, ocean port development

- Transport hubs operations and new corridor development

- Supply chains, trade flows

- Warehousing/inventory management

- Desion Support Methodologies and Systems

Its highlighted that we invite research society and professionals to present case studies, best practices and applications in intermodality and its aspects in:

- technical, economic and political issues

- business and regional development

- project successes and failures

- the environment and sustainable developmnet

- transport economics

- monitoring performance and cost control 

- operation research and ITS

- decision making


Important days

- 4 September 2015, Abstract Submission

- 15 September 2015, Authors notification

- 30 September 2015, authors oral presentations and poster submission

- 15 & 16 October, conference days

- 31 October 2015, authors notification for full paper submission to special edition

- 15 December 2015, full paper submission

- 31 January 2016, paper reviews

- 28 February 2016, revised papers submission

- 31 March 2016, acceptance paper notification


Paper and Abstract proceedings

The evaluation and the acceptance of the abstracts and papers will be based on the double-blind peer review process. The paper reviews will be undertaken by the scientific committee.

Authors being accepted to present in the conference have the opportunity to submit the full paper in dedicated special issues in the following journals:

Special Issues Editors: The Guest Editors in the above journal-special issues for the full papers of this conference are: Professor John C. Mourmouris (jomour@eexi.gr) and Assistant Professor Dimitrios J. Dimitriou (ddimitri@econ.duth.gr), Department of Economics, Democritus University of Thrace. For specific queries on paper submission and paper review process, please contact directly by email the above editors.

All accepted abstracts and presentations will be published in a special electronic edition of the conference proceedings.